Podcast Episode 79 – Quality Shift

Welcome to another episode of the Testing Peers. Regular hosts Chris, David and Russell are joined by the Semi-Regular host Shey to discuss all about Quality Shift moments, where our understanding or perspective around aspects of testing/quality may have changed forever.

Before diving into this, Chris starts the banter with looking at “aha moments” and without doing it intentionally, anchors the discussion into computer games, before David breaks the mould and talks about when his swimming improved through suddenly understanding how to do Breast Stroke.

Shey offers the first Quality Shift moment, which was around him finding the London Tester Gathering and the impact it had on his career. David talks about some crossroads he found himself at when he was made redundant before moving onto a management aha moment too. Chris discusses how he realised the power of sharing ideas and getting feedback and how beneficial that could be. Russell mentions a story when he broke production and how that helped him realise the right and wrong ways to do something.

The conversation then moves on to other examples and how things snowball and would we be even doing this podcast if some of these a-ha moments hadn’t happened?

Thanks for listening in, what have been your Quality Shift moments?

We hope you found the discussion useful and would love to hear your feedback.


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