PeersCon – 14th March 2024

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Testing Peers Conference 2024

Coming to you on 14 March 2024 in Nottingham, UK, we’re proud to announce the first ever Testing Peers Con – a not for profit, low budget, slightly punk and very much peer focused, friendly testing conference. This conference has been years in the making and we’re so excited to be finally making it a reality.

Like the Testing Peers podcast, we will focus on leadership, quality and testing. It’s going to be run by the community for the community, and will welcome anyone – from people new to testing and wanting to get into the field, to Development, Product, Delivery or even CEO’s. 

Our aim is a low cost event with 2 tracks, largely funded though sponsorship. We’ll release tickets in two rounds, the early bird tickets costing £15 and standard tickets costing £20.

To be upfront we’ll not be paying speakers for this first event. We appreciate this isn’t ideal, but our aim is to be a low cost event with a low number of sponsors. Any money we don’t spend on the event will go to sponsoring people to attend other great events. It’s a choice and we’re aware it will limit some who will attend or submit talks but if this goes well in 2024 we can perhaps change this for our next event.

For transparency, here are our projected costs:

Venue cost + Sound & Media£6,400
Food costs£2,860
Marketing £500