Episode 109 – Presentations

Hello friends, thank you for joining us for the latest episode of the Testing Peers podcast. This time, join Russell, David, Chris & Dermot as we discuss Presentations. Before diving into the main event, Chris asks the group to go back in time to when they first travelled for work. Our thoughts and experiences of […]

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Podcast Episode 102 – Measuring

Welcome to episode 102 of the Testing Peers podcast. This time around join Tara Walton, Chris Armstrong, Russell Craxford & David Maynard, as the Peers talk about measuring. On the week of our first #PeersCon event, Tara breaks the ice, asking us our favourite and least favourite parts of conferences. Then we dive in. The […]

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Podcast Episode 97 – Collaboration

Happy New Year from the Testing Peers! In this episode, the FullSnackTester, Ben Dowen joins Russell, David and Chris as we talk collaboration. Before the main event, Ben asks the group about resolutions, where the group talk about reading, fitness, cooking, answering conference calls for papers and our own conference #PeersCon, coming March 14th 2024 […]

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