Podcast Episode 98 – Meetings

Welcome to another episode of the Testing Peers podcast. On this episode, Chris, Russell and David are joined by a new guest, Jon Robinson. The topic they all discussed was the wonders (or lack of wonder) around Meetings.

Jon leads the banter and asked everyone for their weirdest/craziest meetings, this covers everything from awkward situations, to lack of context, to managers taking over and sending meetings in different directions.

Russell asks the peers for their favourite meetings, this covers everything from the casual manager meeting who puts the “quick chat” type meeting into the calendar to the productive meetings that have the clearest agenda and a definite outcome.

General meeting etiquette and how we improve a meeting culture going forward and tips for discussions that aren’t right for meetings (and an email or a quick message would suffice).

What are your thoughts on meetings? Do you have a favourite type? let us know!

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