Podcast Episode 97 – Collaboration

Happy New Year from the Testing Peers!

In this episode, the FullSnackTester, Ben Dowen joins Russell, David and Chris as we talk collaboration.

Before the main event, Ben asks the group about resolutions, where the group talk about reading, fitness, cooking, answering conference calls for papers and our own conference #PeersCon, coming March 14th 2024 in Nottingham, more information can be found at testingpeerscon.com

Ben starts the group off by talking about collaboration at work, from pairing to ensembling. Working in small and big groups, on something at the same time.

We discuss the myth of inefficiency around collaboration, tips for creating safe spaces, routines, accountability and more.

The value of including cross-functional colleagues in collaboration activities, the aim of a shared purpose and learning together is touched upon.

The Peers discuss how collaboration enables responsibility, empowers and enables ownership.

We also discuss what can get in the way of successful collaboration, from conflicting priorities and office politics to individual goals getting in the way.

There is an understanding that we all make mistakes, but we can learn from them, iterate and always look for ways to continuously improve. We talk about training and awareness, and how to sell upwards.

We talk about how collaboration can give a voice and more inclusion to functions in teams that are often marginalised in a culture that is often built around development efficiency.

It was a really fun discussion, we hope you enjoyed it and would love to hear how you collaborate at work.

In the spirit of collaboration, we would love for you to join us and be a part of our first-ever conference, Testing Peers Conference #PeersCon – we are looking for “VolunPeers” to help make this event a success if you want to help, please apply here: testingpeerscon.com/volunpeer/

Tickets are available here: testingpeerscon.com/ticket/

We wish you the happiest of new years, from all of us here at Peers HQ.


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