Podcast Episode 96 – Would Heu-risk it? at Christmas

Merry Christmas, season’s greetings and happy holidays from the Testing Peers!

Welcome to our fourth annual festive episode.

Steve Watson, Tara Walton, Lena Nyström & Dermot Canniffe join Chris, Russell, David and (eventually) Simon as we engage in Would Heu-risk it? at this time of the year.

Before we dive into the main event, Russell asks the Peers our favourite thing at Christmastime:- anything from food, family, old movies, presents and time off.

We then kick-off with Would Heu-Risk it? a card deck and book, born from gamifying risk workshops.

The group bring their festive problems to Lena, she then draws three WHRI cards (a la fortune teller / tarot) and we discuss what the cards can tell us.

The group bring problems from exploratory testing, organising a conference (hello #PeersCon), team availability, budgets, communication, annual reviews, change and WIP limits.

The pod closes out with the group giving a little end of year festive message to you all.

Thank you for listening!

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