Podcast Episode 59 – Toxicity in Testing

Welcome to another episode of the Testing Peers.

Chris and Russell have returned from their EuroSTAR adventures, to join the other regulars to talk toxicity in testing.

Before diving in, Simon leads the banter around what three apps would you keep on your phone, if you were allowed only three.

Thankfully, no toxicity there!

Onto the main discussion, the Peers discuss everything from behaviours, misunderstanding, misappropriation, unrealistic expectations to politics and more!

On the note of knowledge gatekeeping:

If I have seen further,” Isaac Newton wrote in a 1675 letter to fellow scientist Robert Hooke, “it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

We move on to talking about the issues of explaining what we do in testing, the biases there are in and around the craft, and the toils in educating.

What about feedback, optics, how are we all communicating with each other? Plus our responsibilities as leaders, working in this space, who the audience and what the benefit is.

We do touch on social media and indeed some of that is what inspired this thread by Chris.

Closing out the conversation, we talking about what we can do, being respectful, considering context are important and with whom can we talk about these things?
How can we challenge things or call out toxic behaviours?

Thank you for listening. We appreciate all your feedback.

We hope you found the discussion useful and would love to hear your feedback.


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