Podcast Episode 106 – #PeersCon24 Retrospective

Welcome to another episode of the Testing Peers. On this episode, Simon, Chris, David and Russell look back at the huge success that was the first Testing Peers Conference held in Nottingham on 14th March.

Before diving into it, David leads the banter and asks the peers about the most retro thing we all own and the Peers all reminisce with all things tech, cars and movies.

With the main retrospective, the Peers divide the conversation into 4 main sections using our MetroRetro board – including the topics of “what should we start doing”, “What should we stop doing”, “What should we keep doing?” and the “hopes for the future”.

So many people and organisations to thank that helped make PeersCon happen such as the venue, the Trent Conference Centre. Our sponsors, NTT Data, nFocus Testing, IntelliQA, Medtronic and Cambridge Consultants. Our speakers, our VolunPeers and our audience for attending. It really means a lot to us all.

The good news is we will be back next year, book the date of 13th March at the same place in Nottingham in 2025. More details to come but you can get tickets here: https://testingpeerscon.com


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