Podcast Episode 105 – Linguistic Gatekeeping

Welcome to another episode of the Testing Peers podcast. Simon, David, Chris and Sam spend some time discussing the topic of linguistic gatekeeping and how sometimes our language can exclude people from conversations

Chris starts us off with the banter topic of our experiences of “I Told You So” moments, after discussing several scenarios from our childhood, with everything from beach balls in the sea to broken bones as the outcome, it seems we have definitely learned the hard way.

The key to this discussion is certainly that language and how we use it can be power. Within the world of software, there are lots of examples where we have used language as a way to block progress in the conversation, whether this is down to deliberately trying to exclude others by going into too lower level of detail or using politics to prove a point.

Where have you come across this kind of gatekeeping and how did you overcome it?


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