Podcast Episode 24 – Attracting Great Testers

Welcome to another episode of the Testing Peers. On this one, we are discussing how companies can attract the best talent to their testing roles.

Before we dived into the main topic, David asked us to think of occasions where we had taken a punt (much like sometimes companies do with their hiring) and whether it paid off or not. It’s fair to say, most of the scenarios covered by the peers ended in failure, including Simon’s attempt to be the ultimate romantic, but we are saved by David’s culinary expertise and Chris reminds us of the punt we took with this podcast and it isn’t doing too badly is it?

When they dived into the main topic, the Peers talk about how companies can stand out to attract the right kind of candidates and discuss many of their own anecdotes along the way. Is it just about the roles or can the company stand out by the benefits they offer and the working environment?

Russell also asked what a great tester is, which of course is subjective for all the peers, although that “P” word is mentioned again.

What do you think makes a company stand out and how do they attract the best talent for their testing roles?

Thank you for listening. Please do get in touch if you would like to know more or would like to give us feedback to help us improve and grow.

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