Podcast Episode 88 – Feedback

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Testing Peers podcast.

This time, join Chris, David, Tara and Callum as we discuss the topic of feedback.

Before diving into the main topic, Callum asks what type of adventurer we would be. Both Callum and Tara have a background producing content around Dungeons & Dragons from a quality perspective.

Links to these will be at the bottom of these show notes.

The Peers then move onto the main topic of feedback, talking about what they find valuable – such as storytelling, actionable feedback relevant to the audience.

We then discuss examples both positive and negative from the context of a stand-up, talking about quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Culture is often informed by baggage and a feeling of lacking safety to report openly, the group chat about rejection sensitivity and how we attempt to frame challenging feedback with positivity and possibility.

The conversation moves to the concept of testers as a trusted advisor, always considering context, consistency, and integrity.

We talk about the art of delivering feedback with appropriate feedback with context.

The topic of anonymous feedback is the addressed, the difficulties in that area and damage that it can do.

Toxic positivity without specificity also comes up.

Chris' Tweet reads:
Me: I want some affirmation

<receives affirmation>

Me: I don't believe you

Lina's response:
Sometimes affirmation/appreciation does not sit well because it's not specific enough.

"Chris, you're awesome!" - likely won't sit well

"Chris, your proactivity and friendly manner made me feel so much more included in the event and I usually struggle with those." ... tbc

The podcast draws to a close with Chris and Callum drilling down to what a trusted advisor looks like, what it means and how it is relevant.

As promised, here are the links to Callum and Tara’s DnD content:

We hope you found the discussion useful and would love to hear your feedback.


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