Podcast Episode 15 – Dealing with Disappointment

Welcome to episode 15 of the Testing Peers Podcast.

After getting over the initial disappointment of Russell not making this episode, the Peers talk about dealing with wider disappointments. We start with the disappointment of old films in retrospect, but eventually move on disappointments within testing.

There are various forms of disappointment we face in our day-to-day roles. Sometimes we fear we’ve disappointed our customers, colleagues, our teams, our partner or our own leaders. As testers we often place a high expectation on the quality of our work, on few bugs escaping, and on customers being happy. It’s sometimes hard to live up to our own expectations of ourselves.

We share our insight into how we’ve coped or haven’t. What we did to help ourselves and what we look for in others. Perhaps our musings will help you too.

As people and as leaders we know we have disappointment at times. Sometimes it’s little things and sometimes it’s life changing to us or others. We all have our own coping strategies and it will vary on the problem and person but personally I’d always advise taking perspective. Walk away, talk to someone, rubber duck it, write it down and above all look at it from different angles – micro or macro.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

Martin Luther King, Jr

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