Podcast Episode 16 – Being Remote (recorded live @ EuroSTAR 2020)

Thank you for joining us again! We had the great pleasure of being asked to do a live recording of our podcast at the EuroSTAR conference this year. Due to the kind of world we are living in at present where everyone is working remotely, conferences are virtual and we are all socially distancing, we thought we would discuss the topic of this remote world we now find our selves in.

Unfortunately, Simon and family had the unfortunate pleasure of a stomach bug on the day of recording, but the remaining Peers have a good discussion, and Dembe (Russell’s dog) certainly steps in well as the 4th Peer!

Chris asks the question of what it would have been like for them to start their careers again, but from a perspective they were working from home.

From there the discussion meanders onto experiences with meetings virtually and onto the differences with conferences, are they creating the same buzz? Or at least some buzz anyway!

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