Podcast Episode 14 – Managing Defects

Welcome to episode 14 of the Testing Peers Podcast.

This week, the Peers have new mics and are a trio for the first time. We will be working out in the coming weeks how to best configure these, any feedback on this is always welcome. Great thanks again to our sponsor Saffron QA for enabling us to work on these audio improvements – more details about Saffron QA can be found in the footer of this post.

We tackle the age old baggage that is, defect management, or perhaps bugs or issues, or whatever you want to call them!

After initially setting the scene discussing bugs in the wild – hello COVID track and trace apps! – we discuss when to raise defects, what processes work and in which tools.

We share stories of various frustrations and how metrics can ultimately be gamed – please don’t use bugs as metrics in development!

From technical debt to triage boards, the discussion takes us on a journey that ultimately ends with the need for pragmatism and clear communication, no matter whether you are working in V-model, Agile, Waterfall or other.

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