Podcast Episode 63 – Hybrid Working

Welcome to another episode of the Testing Peers Podcast.

Join Shey, David, Russell and Chris as we discuss hybrid working.

We begin with Russell asking the Peers about favourite festivals and live music we’ve experienced.

Then we dive straight into the topic.

What does hybrid working even mean?

How the pandemic has swung the pendulum from office-first focus to home-first focus toward hybrid working for many of us.

The Peers then talk about the value of time spent together in person and how we can plan our time accordingly.

We discuss some of the challenges, from mental health to communication, trust to burnout.

What about back-to-back meetings and Zoom fatigue? We talk through it all.

As we look to the next generation coming up in the industry, we talk about what a hybrid working model might look like for them, what will be missed from our introduction – we discuss opportunities to create environments that are valuable and where we can create paths to absorb information in this new way of working.

Virtual coffees, buddys, hands-on team work (such as pairing) and more.

We hope you found the discussion useful and would love to hear your feedback.


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