Episode 109 – Presentations

Hello friends, thank you for joining us for the latest episode of the Testing Peers podcast.

This time, join Russell, David, Chris & Dermot as we discuss Presentations.

Before diving into the main event, Chris asks the group to go back in time to when they first travelled for work. Our thoughts and experiences of that, and how that will have changed over our careers.

As the Peers move on, we discuss different presentation styles, contexts, tools and ‘weapons of choice’ – hello PowerPoint my old friend.

Talking about slides, we discuss context, notes, ALL OF THE TEXT, PowerPoint as documentation and more.

Dermot talks about the value of audience consideration and the concept of multi-sensory learning [https://www.twinkl.co.uk/teaching-wiki/multisensory-learning#:~:text=Multisensory%20learning%20is%20all%20about,gustatory%2C%20olfactory%2C%20proprioceptiveorvestibular%20senses.]

The Peers talk about changing styles over time, thinking on our feet and preparing for the worst.

The team discuss the value of setting expectations for interactivity and engagement, the power of good facilitation, allies and such.

Finally, what is the purpose of the presentation? Has that come across? Did we receive feedback?


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