Podcast Episode 83 – Delegation

Welcome to another episode of the Testing Peers. A fully stacked panel for this episode with Simon, Russell and David being joined by Shey and Beth (shows the hole that Chris leaves when he’s not around that we need to replace him with 2!). The topic for this episode was to focus on the leadership activity of delegation, looking at it from both the leader who is delegating and the team being delegated to. How to do this effectively and any stories from our experience over the years.

Russell kicks us off with the banter, and asks us all what our comfort foods are, between the five of us we cover everything from BBQ meat, noodles, cheese, chocolate, pizza and cake. Beth links us back to Mashed Potato Gate from one of our previous episodes.

We then go on to talk about why delegation is important, speaking from experience of not delegating anything to anyone and then being completely overloaded. David mentions delegating and then micro-managing for tasks to get done in the way you would have done yourself. The challenge with delegation is being able to give a task to someone and allow them to do it in the way they choose as long as the task gets done.

There was a lot to unpick with how, why, and who we should delegate to, the Peers try to give detail on all of this, which the challenges if you don’t delegate in the right way or to the right person.

What are your experiences of delegating? Have you mastered it?

We hope you found the discussion useful and would love to hear your feedback.


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