Podcast Episode 76 – Testing Opportunity Knocks

Welcome to the new episode of the Testing Peers. On this episode, the peers talk about experience with moving onto new opportunities. For this we had a special extended panel, joining Chris, David and Simon were Beth Marshall and Samuel Nitsche.

For the banter, Chris asks us about any new equipment we’ve received when joining a new role which didn’t work for us, we discuss everything from ergonomic mice for Left Handers, old monitors, CEOs cleaning our desks for us. This lead us onto leaving jobs too and stories around this.

The main discussion starts with Chris asking what makes us decide to leave a job. This covered reasons such as not feeling like providing value, having more bad days than good, changes of leadership, toxic environments and frustration of not doing what you were brought in to do.

Simon asks whether anyone has just been offered something so great that they have jumped ship, there is a general consensus that it isn’t very often the case and that often all isn’t what it seems. Beth then talks about her job hunting (and now securing) experience.

David asks a corker of a question around what we are looking forward to with joining a new job which leads to some interesting answers.

What are your experiences with the job hunt and also what are the reasons you have left companies in the past?

We hope you found the discussion useful and would love to hear your feedback.


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