Why I joined the Testing Peers

Another community? Another slack group? More networking with folks which could take up family time? When Chris first pinged me to see if I was interested in being part of it, all of the above ran through my head. But I genuinely believe Testing Peers is different and our purpose is something I really and truly believe in.

I don’t see myself as having anything special to say and feel that I’m just an average joe in the Testing world, but this group has made me realise I have some useful stuff to say and they have encouraged me when putting my UKStar talk together for next week.

All of us have a different perspective, all of us bring different skills, but what we have created is a safe place for a small set of us to discuss whatever we feel fit to discuss, whether we have a rant to get off our chest, or want advice or just want to talk to someone who cares about testing as much as we do. I genuinely talk to the group every day, building up relationships and actually will meet some of them for the first time at UKStar in London next week.

The idea behind the blog is to give the slack group an output, we bounce ideas off each other and then collaboratively or individually write some posts which we can then share with the Testing community. The beauty of having multiple people contribute would be that you won’t just get one opinion on a topic, but actually up to 5 or 6 different views depending who has an opinion on the topic.

The trello board of topics is already overflowing, we just need to get down and start discussing/writing.

We hope you find it useful but whether you do or not, we are learning and having fun doing it!