Podcast Episode 4 – Cognitive Bias

Welcome to episode 4 of the Testing Peers Podcast.

This week the peers are talking Cognitive Bias.

We find cognitive bias everywhere, the awareness of our own biases and challenging ourselves on those biases are really important.

We discuss cognitive biases that we have encountered in the testing world, biases that we have and the power of influential language projecting biases.

This is a topic close to our hearts, and one that is so important to continue to discuss and challenge each other about.

We touch upon areas of bias, such as anchoring, decision making, mirroring, confirmation and many more.

Further areas of reading: Lisa Crispin – https://lisacrispin.com/2018/01/24/telling-stories-together-practicing-critical-thinking-vts/

We hope you enjoy this episode and encourage you to get in touch with any feedback that you have, either @testingpeers on Twitter or contactus@testingpeers.com