Podcast Episode 12 – When have you done enough testing

Welcome to episode 12 of the Testing Peers Podcast.

This time the Peers are using a Donna Summer reference for all you music fans, to discuss the question that drives many a test discussion be it with a stakeholder or amongst testers, when is enough testing enough?

As we meander through our discussions, you’ll find a little insight into the Peers competitiveness at family games. Are we all ‘win at all costs people’ or more ‘meh whatever’. You’ll have to listen to find out!

The Peers share a little on their experience on helping guide enough is enough in the world of testing. We’ll cover some of the key leavers that help you plot a path though the fog depending on your domain.

We end on mentioning ‘The One Page Test Plan’ by Claire Reckless (which is a great tool) and as promised it can found on the Ministry of Testing Dojo here.

Hopefully you won’t have had enough of us after this episode and keep on listening. A new episode will be with you in just a couple of weeks. Until then feel free to listen back to our previous episodes and send us suggestions for the future.

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