Call for collaboration….can you do better than us?

Edit: we initially proposed this as a competition, but after discussion realised that it didn’t quite feel right, and in the spirit of transparency we wanted to reframe this as a call for designs and collaboration….well HELP!!!
If you have any thoughts on this change, we would welcome the feedback.

Here at Testing Peers HQ, we’ve realised we want to engage more with our audience. We also realised we can talk a lot (you should hear the unedited versions of the podcast) but we’re not great artists and whilst we love our logo of the four of us, we could do with additional designs, images, slogans etc. I for one don’t ever want to see our four faces on a face mask.

Testing peers logo (portraits of the peers) on a face mask
Testing Peers’ Logo on a face mask

So we’ve spotted a gap in our skillset…

I’m hoping you’ve joined the dots, a desire for audience participation and some fresh designs we came to the conclusion that we really need help and so have the original idea of asking our audience.

So by designs, it could be anything really, some of our quotes, something one of our pods has inspired. It could be calligraphy of our name, drawing of us, something we’ve talked about that might end up as a design we could use on the site or stickers etc. This is our level…

Microsoft Paint version of a Testing Peers logo
Chris’ MS Paint logo V 1.0

In the spirit of collaboration, we’re hoping that you can give us some ideas.

Keep it fun, keep it clean, share any ideas of designs that we could make or have made in the future.

Contact us via tweet or LinkedIn tagging @TestingPeers or an email to

If we receive a design idea that we would love to see come to life in the future, then we will work with the author/designer to try and make it happen.

Thank you!