Podcast Episode 51 – Persuasion

Welcome to another episode of the Testing Peers podcast. On this episode, the peers discussion the topic and the ‘art’ of persuasion. Covering what we mean by persuasion, some examples of when we have used it and also discussed it from the angle of being an ally for those trying to pursuade someone.

Before we dived into the main topic, Russell took us on a crucially important tangent by asking us what our ideal breakfasts would be. Safe to say, all our choices could be covered by a buffet breakfast at a half-decent hotel, but it’s always nice to learn a little bit more about each other.

Russell and Simon start off the main conversation by asking about context and the characteristics of persuasion. Chris then shares different variables depending on the situation

Some of the top messages from the discussion include the importance of adapting your style depending on your audience and the fact that persuasion can be more effective when you have confidence and belief in your message.

We hope you found the discussion useful and would love to hear your feedback.


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